Arjun Suri

Arjun is a behavioural scientist who has dedicated his life to studying the human condition through the lens of consciousness. From psychology to vedic sciences he left no stone unturned. His fascination for the divine and his passion for analyzing the hidden layers of existence grew, while he empowered people to be successful, confident and happy.

He uses a holistic approach of Vedic philosophy to balance the nuances of the external forces and his foundation as a life coach for shifting the subconscious belief patterns for his clients to expedite an all-around improvement in the quality of their lives.

After pursuing a successful corporate life in leading companies like Wipro Spectramind, Intellicom, Spasht, his intuition eventually led him to heal and help people by adding small changes to their surroundings. For over two decades, he has continued to help countless personalities, and counseled many people along with business houses for success in finance, relationships, family, health, and career.